Why I Am Not An Employee

by Ken Matesz

Most people today have never had any education in economics.

The result is that too many think that economics is the study of money and investments.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Economics is the study of why people do or do not take action. It is the study of how people manage their lives. In fact, the word “economic” comes from a Greek word meaning “household management.”

That’s it! That is all that economics is about: Human action.

Money just happens to be something we use to represent either labor (actions we take) or property (things we might want).

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Opportunity Is Like Air

by Ken Matesz

You cannot escape it.

When you go to sleep, when you’re dreaming, when you awake, when you shower, even when you go underwater, you are with it.

Air. It’s everywhere.

When It Knocks

Many people have been told that opportunities are rare. They are told to be ready so that when opportunity knocks, you can take advantage.

What they are really talking about are rare, special events.

In the movie, Rocky, the unknown street fighter gets the opportunity to fight for the World Heavyweight Boxing title. Someone offered him that opportunity. He was just going about his normal, pitiful life when someone offered him a rare opportunity.

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How To Make Money

by Ken Matesz

“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest” – Albert Einstein

Recent studies have shown that around 70% of Americans hate their jobs.

There are so many people who wish they could be financially independent.

So many think they would like to run their own business.

Are you one of them?

Do you desire running your own business, but you’ve hardly any savings to invest in a business?

Would you like to know how to earn money without being an employee working 40+ hours per week for someone else?

Would you like to know how to start making extra money today, even if you only have $1 in your pocket?

I will tell you in this article how to start earning money, without quitting your current job. I will tell you basic rules you need to follow and practice to begin making enough money so that you CAN eventually quit your current job.

First, you need to know the story of the jester and the king:

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I Choose Happy

by Ken Matesz

“The secret of happiness is freedom and the secret of freedom is courage.”
-Thucydides (471-400 BC)

Not long ago I went through a period of seeming business drought. Checks were not arriving in the mail. Contracts were not being signed. The phone was not ringing and email inquiries were sparse.

When this happens, I depend on savings to pay my bills and live my life.

I know. It’s a radical idea to actually have money saved that can be used to live through temporarily challenging times. . . .

A friend to whom I confided my situation became obviously concerned. She, like most people, is not self-employed and never has been. She cannot conceive of a life in which a paycheck doesn’t come in every one to two weeks.

It is scary for a lot of people!

What? No paycheck this month? How will I live?

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The Best Time to Start a New Business

by Ken Matesz

Are you one of the many who is tired of working for others?

Are you tired of the 9 to 5 grind?

Tired of just having 3 weeks vacation and having to jockey with other employees to get the weeks you want?

Tired of working 40 hours per week and feeling like you earn peanuts?

Maybe you just relish the thought of being your own boss?

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to say, “I’m the boss!”?

Wouldn’t it be cool to just walk into work one day and say to your current boss, “I quit!”?

If this sounds like you, then maybe you really should start your own business.

Before you do, though, you should realize that there is an optimum time to do this. There is a best time for starting a business if you really want it to be successful. If you don’t start your business at the right time, it will probably never succeed!

That’s how critical it is to start your own business at the right time!

And I will tell you exactly when you should do it if you want to succeed.

The best time to start a new business, if you really want it to take off, is. . .

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